Firbeck Hall

Firbeck Hall was formerly the home of 19th century architect and writer Henry Gally Knight who is assumed to have been a principal information source for Walter Scott during the writing of Ivanhoe. Firbeck Hall was built in 1594 by William West, who made a fortune practicing law and serving as an associate to Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury from 1580 to 1594. The hall was later used as a country club.

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the hall was used by Sheffield Royal Infirmary and the Royal Air Force, with the adjacent aerodrome becoming RAF Firbeck. After the War, the building was bought by the Miners Welfare Commission for use as a rehabilitation centre for injured miners. This centre closed in 1984. It was purchased by Cambridge Construction. From then the Hall fell into a state of disrepair. Jason Cooper of Doncaster purchased Firbeck Hall and its 45 acres (180,000 m2) of grounds on 6 July 2010.
I’d taken time out of work to revise for an upcoming exam and decided that I needed a break from studying for a while. Having not really got myself out in a while, I decided it was time for a little explore. I was probably a bit over cautious with this one, entering through the thickest patch of woods at first light I found what I had come for.

The first part I found my way into was the gymnasium. 8887529861_727fdf2754_b 8887533209_eebe4993c7_b 8888154316_e373430f92_bMoving through the corridors of the wing, I found the pool soon afterwards.8887536665_34191e978a_b8888162714_a0cd00222b_bNot much more in this wing, apart from a few rusty lockers in a dark room. Got a quick corridor shot before moving on.8888156520_a0b98529cc_b8888149652_a3b22595d3_b 8888164178_21752bcb62_bOn the way out I was spotted by a dark that started to bark, I didn’t wait around to see if the dog had an owner attached.945374_10152887093000245_1103936808_nThat was me told! That said there were a lot of spent shotgun shells lying around.


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