Sheffield town hall / Court house

Well to kick of the exploring in 2013, I made a few visits to Sheffield’s courthouse. I had made an earlier visit back in November 2011. 2011 saw massive footfall through the courts, though the window of access seemed short, the place attracted explorers in droves before being sealed up once more. I was in one of those groups. We had delayed our visit due to a few of us checking out the adelphi in attercliffe.

On that occasion, we didn’t leave ourselves enough daytime to fully explore the place, after a wander round the courts and into the clock tower we left again. Light had failed us by this point. We missed the cells which was a disappointment. Fast forward to 2013 and it was time to take another look.


The town hall was built between 1807 and 1808 to replace Sheffield’s earlier town hall from the 1700’s. Extensions were added in 1833 with the clock tower being added in 1866. During this time the tunnels linking the town hall to the police station was also added. Later the town hall would move to it’s current site on Pinstone Street. Sheffield’s courts would now occupy the building to up until the courts were moved to a nearby site in 1997. It was named by the Victorian Society as one of their top ten buildings most at-risk.

Visited with Ric, and a mate of Ric’s.






Got to see the cells this time.

Despite being in early on a Sunday morning there was activity there. One group had an earlier start than we did, another was making their way inside as we were ready to go. There were also signs that people had been squatting there as well, though evidently whoever had been staying there had long since left.



Nocturnal visit, April 2013.

Would be great to see this building brought back into use.



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