Middlesbrough transporter bridge

An absolute beast of a structure. Completed in 1911 at a cost of about £6 million. Built to replace the steam boat services across the tees. One of 3 Transporter bridges in the UK. Middlesbrough is the second highest transporter bridge in the world with a height of 225 feet. Second to Newport’s. The bridge connects Middlesbrough on the south bank to Port Clarence on the north.


Was a lovely warm evening with perfect conditions to be going up to have a look at this. We set out late and made good progress up the A1. Once we arrived we wasted no time in heading to the top. The other explorer didn’t end up making the climb in the end leaving 2 of us to make the journey up. One disappointment was that by the time we arrived the lights on the bridge had been turned out leaving us in darkness, would have been a nice touch to have the lights still on for a bit. Not that this would spoil the evening, was still pretty awesome. First night out with the D800 as well.







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