Sheffield’s iconic streets in the sky. Built to re house the slum population of Sheffield following clearance of the back to back housing in the notorious ‘Little Chicago’ area of the city. Parkhill opened in 1961. The complex was designed by Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith took influence from Le Corbusier’s Unite d’habitaion in Marseille.


Visited this with Kaplan and Jazzywheelz. After an evening wandering the city centre looking for potential of new spots without success we decided to pay a little visit to Parkhill. The other two had been to the roof before but this was a first for me. I had made a number of visits to the site before. Back before Urban Splash has started restoration work on the first and highest block, you could walk in and around the site quite freely. My degree show was made up of black and white film shots of the now restored section of the building. If I can dig them out I will post them up at some point.



Once up, we headed straight back down again into the tunnel network below.


One more ladder up and we were stood on the highest of the undeveloped blocks in the complex looking down over Sheffield.









Really happy to have done this, cheers to all involved!


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