Telephone House

Right, well it’s been a while since I have posted on here. Just to show I’m still actually doing something…

The Sheffield Telephone House, also known as the BT Telephone House, the BT House or the BT Tower, is a tower on Charter Row in Sheffield. It is 56 metres tall, and has 15 floors. It was formerly owned by BT, managing the phone networks in Sheffield, and was built in 1972 on the site of old council housing.

In January 2012 a business consortium of Ace Liberty and Stone purchased the site,and BT vacated the building in October later that year. Around 400 BT workers and agency staff were made redundant due to the move, although some employees were offered the chance to take up work at Plusnet’s offices in the city, as the company is a division of BT Group.

Myself and others have been keeping a keen eye on this place since the closure back in 2012. No luck until now.  Great rooftop offering some stunning views over the city. On a slightly more disappointing note much of the building has now been emptied leaving bare office floors. Since our visit the the transmitters have gone as well.









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