Grosvenor Hotel

As a Sheffield based explorer, I like many others had my eye on this for quite a few years. The hotel closed down shortly after I finished Uni. It was a few years later when discussing the place on one of the forums I use, that people started to take an interest. There was always a feeling that the place was a kind of fortress. Most of the downstairs was boarded up and signs denoting it was used for training police dogs put off any serious attempts to gain entry.

Like most derelict buldings, eventually a way in was found…

The place is one of a few almost iconic brutalist structures dotted around the city. The future of the block seems uncertain as the land has been earmarked for redevelopment into a new retail quarter.

This explore was one done with a very short lived spell witha Fuji X-100. You should be able to see which of the pics I did with that…

14720597987_1b365d6e1b_h14720533358_5f19ed5925_h 14906788842_42b9d89eec_h14907367142_679a5ad4a3_k 14904608671_d46bfc32b6_k 14721033548_f316d662b4_k 14720609097_d73e80ec83_h 14720551488_4bf32b98d5_h 14720585747_dd2b122b01_h


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