R.I.P Castle Market

Another famous brutalist slab in Sheffield. By the time most people get round to reading this the market will be gone. Sheffield city council built a shiny new market on the Moor a while back leaving Castle Market empty. Demolition is almost underway at the time of me posting this. Once again we had been looking at getting to the top of Castle Market for a while. The place had quite on the ball security whilst it was still open. A friend got caught round the ramp and delivery access area at the back on a few occasions. Once the wrecking crew came in they stopped paying quite so much attention. Visited this one with Kaplan. Was fairly easy in at the time. Unfortunately by the time we got there much of the market place had been stripped out already.

A group that had been round the site before us had actually made it all the way down to the castle, however a lack of planning (and drain keys) on out part meant we missed out on this. You can have a look at ruins here.

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