Moore Street Substation.

As part of the recent Art Sheffield festival 2016 the top level of the substation was opened up for an installation. It housed an installation by artist Steve Claydon.

Art Sheffield

Was great to see inside this place. Hopefull I will see a few more before the festival ends. This particaular space has now closed as the national grid appear to have finished their maintenence of the site.


2 responses to “Moore Street Substation.

  1. Hi Richard
    We….yourself, Cara and Jo and I …had a beer together after the Nick Cave gig in Nottingham – in The Angel….Really Like your photos!
    …many of them…I really really like!! Thanks for the advice about going online thing…need a kick up the arse! Was nice to meet you both……wel, it was!
    Have subscribed by the way!!
    Take Care

    • Thank you Drew. Best of luck woth getting started on your own photography! Now that you have an account get posting up yourself.

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