365 Project – January 2017.

Since the new year I have been working towards my own 365 project. I decided to do this to try and improve as a photographer and to challenge myself to find a new photographic subject every day of the year. I’m not working towards a particular theme other than to document my year and try and develop on some of the kinds of themes that occur regularly in my photography. The main challenges I have faced so far are to ensure I think about subjects prior to or during the day and also trying to fit taking a picture around my working day. One issue I have faced is that there have been a number of days where I get to a late hour and have not yet caputred anything. This has on occasion left me taking images that have felt a little lazy. In turn this has made me consider whether I should continue with the project or whether to explore other ideas which do not require a day in day out commitment. For now I will continue and hope that as the year progresses I will find this easier.

In terms of recording this on the blog I’ve come to the decision I will do a monthly update with each months worth of new images rather than a daily one. You can find the album here. I’ll post a few of my favorites on here each month with the rest available in the flickr album.



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